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甘く優しい世界で生きるには(RAW FREE)

Synopsis 甘く優しい世界で生きるには(RAW FREE)

here once lived a young man who had been given many titles throughout his life: [Grandson of the Flame Spear Hero], [Son of the Thunder Spear Hero], [Son of the Saint], [Heir of the Duke], [Childhood Friend of the Crown Prince], [Fiancé of The Third Princess]. Thus was Doyle von Agnis, 15 years old. He was born under the expectation that he would succeed and save the world. However, an encounter with an adventurer revealed to him a certain fact that shattered the very reason for his existence. Running away from the truth, Doyle began living a life of vice, using his family status to reign over all those under him. Then one day in the haze of a mysterious illness, a sudden revelation makes him face reality.

Posted On: August 22, 2018
Updated On: July 13, 2024
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Chapter 甘く優しい世界で生きるには(RAW FREE)

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