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Alternative Titles グラぱらっ!

Synopsis GRAPARA! - RAW

The dull gravure otaku Shinobu Sumida starts living together with Sakura Katsuragi, a fledgling idol, by chance! The dream-like days are fleeting, but perverted cameramen, unscrupulous managers, and sexual harassment producers one after another approach "beloved Sakura-chan"!! Can Shinobu protect Sakura-chan's chastity!? Presented by Airi Katsura, the author of the topical work "Karami Zakari" that has sold over 10,000 copies, this is an NTR romantic comedy about me and popular idols♡

Author KATSURA Airi
Posted On: May 9, 2024
Updated On: July 20, 2024
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