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異常者の愛 (RAW FREE)

Synopsis 異常者の愛 (RAW FREE)

The demon in human form. An innocent girl sacrificed. Kazumi Ichinose. 16 years old. high school student. Midou Saki fell in love with him when he was an elementary school student. That was the beginning of hell. Jealousy. Obsession. Pools of Blood. Tears. Death. Common sense, words, nothing makes sense. Misfortune befell those loved by him. Love starts with blood. This is the beginning.

Author CHIDA Daisuke
Posted On: August 13, 2019
Updated On: July 21, 2024
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Warning, the series titled "異常者の愛 (RAW FREE)" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.

Chapter 異常者の愛 (RAW FREE)