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世界転生に感謝を(RAW FREE)

Synopsis 世界転生に感謝を(RAW FREE)

In the future after several decades from now. Virtual reality (VR) gaming has been finally realized. An old man who continued to wait for VR game, start gleefully the desire of a VR game.After finishing a fun tutorial, the old man who indulge in deep emotion looking back on life. He rest his body a little while lying in front of the main start. He ended up dozing out without noticed, he in an imperceptibly different place . That how this volume has begun. This? Somehow, this is such as from different from the tutorial? Virtual reality is so realistic still amazing Na~. Hmm? Reality? Different world? No way! Are you sure? Why asked the old man to be a different world incarnated by God, to not forget the feeling of gratitude, and to enjoy a different world life in a rejuvenated both body and soul.

Author Furukawa Seiji
Posted On: July 12, 2020
Updated On: July 19, 2024
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