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Alternative Titles The Young Lady's Servant, お嬢様の僕, 千金小姐的更衣僕人, 我服侍的大小姐们


First-year Highschool boy Konoe Youtarou (Kusakadaiichi Highschool) is the son of a butler and a maid who work for different families. He prefers not to follow in those footsteps though and wants to work a different job, even though he is already perfect at housekeeping because his parents are seldom at home and he has a kind streak (and the instinct to serve).One day he runs into the clueless rich girl Saionji Tsubasa at the station and helps her buy a ticket. It turns out that she was sent to live with him by his mother and even transferred to his school, so he could take care of her (he'll even get paid). This is because her father wants her to learn some common-sense. She can't even change clothes by herself, except for her underwear.The same day he learns that he also has to live and go to school with Kujou Minori, who has a crush on him, because her father needs to rebuild his company overseas and so his father sent her over. Minori's now jobless personal maid Sugino Kaho gets hired by his parents to help him do his job. He is in class 1-B with Tsubasa and class rep Oose Wakaba. Miniri is in class 1-A. Kaho also transferred in as a second-year student.Will he endure living with two beautiful Ojou-sama's under the same roof, without slipping up?

Author TAGUCHI Hoshino
Posted On: March 8, 2023
Updated On: July 24, 2024
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Warning, the series titled "OJOUSAMA NO SHIMOBE" may contain violence, blood or sexual content that is not appropriate for minors.