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ポーション頼みで生き延びます!(RAW FREE)

Synopsis ポーション頼みで生き延びます!(RAW FREE)

Kaoru Nagase was caught up in a mysterious phenomenon and died when returning home from work. It was because of a time-space distortion that a higher life form was cleaning up, but she was able to receive a younger body and the ability to create any potion she wanted in another world! Kaoru, who's now a rather sharp-eyed 15 year old girl again, will work hard for a peaceful life in another world! Eh, as a commoner she doesn't understand the thinking of nobles? She's now stuck in a delusional story that she's trying to escape from? Hey, this is different from what you told me, goddess!

Author FUNA
Posted On: August 22, 2018
Updated On: July 25, 2024
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Chapter ポーション頼みで生き延びます!(RAW FREE)