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スモーキン‘パレヱド(RAW FREE)

Synopsis スモーキン‘パレヱド(RAW FREE)

The story follows Kakujou Youkuo his fifteenth birthday in a seemingly normal world where medical technology has sky rocketed and is now able to translate any human organ. Those behind this are called the Ame No Tori (Rain of Birds). But it all turns out to be a plot against humanity where the new tech can take over its host and thus making them into a killing machine. A task force called the Jackalope are set on annihilating them before they raise more havoc and so Youkuos new life begins.

Author KATAOKA Jinsei
Posted On: December 10, 2018
Updated On: July 13, 2024
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Chapter スモーキン‘パレヱド(RAW FREE)

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